24/6 Hotline for Soldiers

Eishet Chayil

Tzalash Provides Emotional Support And Multi-faceted Assistance For The Wives Of Soldiers And Their Families.

When a soldier is married, it demands a high level of dedication and sacrifice from the soldier’s wife. These committed women are often separated from their husbands for weeks at a time and given the inherent dangers of army service, they are often under unique stresses and pressures. Tzalash provides emotional support and assistance for these special women. We run local, regional and national events designed specifically for these amazing women. There are currently 350 couples regularly participating in our programs.

I was in a crisis and I felt that I couldn’t continue any longer as an “army wife.” But once I attended my first Eishet Chayil / Tzalash event I was energized and reinvigorated. I came home that night and called my husband on his base and told him: “We’re good; keep on doing what you are doing.”

Shuli // wife of an officer in the Givati Brigade

Tzalash / Eishet Chayil provides all-encompassing services. Spiritually, socially and emotionally – they give me the strength to carry on. Every time I attend a Tzalash event or program I am reminded of why my husband and I volunteered to serve the Jewish people in this way.”

Odaya, // wife of an officer in the Tzanchanim Brigade

Strengthening And Inspiring The Soldiers Wherever They Are

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