24/6 Hotline for Soldiers

Their Mission, Our Duty

Their Mission Is To Give Everything They Have For Us. Our Duty Is To Do Everything We Can For Them.

Donate in honor of a soldier

The Tzalash organization offers a unique accompaniment system to all religious soldiers. The vision of Tzalash is:

Donate in memory of a fallen soldier

The Tzalash organization offers a unique accompaniment system to all religious soldiers. The vision of Tzalash is:

Your gift to Tzalash enables us to give the soldiers the spiritual and emotional support that they need.

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Mishna and Gemara Learning in the Army

Encouraging independent and group Torah study by printing and distributing special pocket- sized editions of the Mishnah and Gemara and other Torah Seforim for soldiers throughout the country

Shabbat Learning Programs

Encouraging camaraderie and an extra Shabbat feeling among the soldiers, sponsoring Shabbat Kiddushim, Oneg Shabbat or “atisch” on army bases where soldiers gather together for Torah study and religious inspiration

Support for Lone Soldiers

Providing support and assistance to religious lone soldiers by offering a range of services, such as special visits and learning programs on their army bases

Support for married couples in the army

Providing emotional support and assistance for these special women, ensuring that the bond of marriage is kept strong throughout the husband’s army service.

Visiting soldiers on
army bases

Visiting soldiers on a regular basis. Each visit comes with a generous supply of snacks, drinks and gifts, and of course, no visit is complete without a short Torah class or a Q&A session with the soldiers

Torah and Inspiration for Soldiers on their Way Back to Base

Sunday morning gatherings at several central meeting points throughout the country with breakfast, Torah study and uplifting singing

A day of pre-draft Learning

A special full-day conference for yeshiva students featuring lectures delivered by Chief Rabbis, leading Rashei Yeshiva and prominent Torah scholars, senior members of the Army rabbinate, as well as Tzalash staff

Printing and Distributing Sifrei Chizzuk

Tzalash staff members have written and published numerous books and pamphlets which have been distributed to soldiers. Some of these seforim provide emotional support and Torah- based inspiration, while others deal with particular halachot relevant to life in the army

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